Ceramic Coating In Buford, Georgia

Professional Quality Ceramic Coating In Buford, Georgia

Professional grade paint protection from buford’s weather

Buford, being a suburb of Atlanta, has very inconsistent weather patterns that can make car detailing difficult. Waxing, the traditional method of paint protection, is like an SPF 15 sunscreen, while ceramic coatings are the SPF 50 option. The ceramic coating acts as a barrier between your car’s exterior and the outside world.

Frequently Asked Questions about ceramic coatings

Do I have to come into a shop?

We are fully mobile, we can do it at your location as long as you have a covered area, overcast, or garage. 

Can a ceramic coating replace my clear coat?

No, if you’re clear coat is severely damaged or peeling, you will need to take it to a paint shop.

Do I REALLY have to prepare my paint before application?

Preparation is imperative so that it binds to an even, clean surface.

Can I wash my car immediately after?

No, you need to wait two weeks before washing and two days before driving in rain.

Can I just do this myself?

You can, but if applied improperly, you can end up with high spots. These are noticeable uneven areas where the coating was applied and can be very difficult to correct without a professional.

Ceramic Coating Application Cost?

Our 2-year ceramic coating can cost anywhere from $799-$1399 depending on your vehicle’s size and condition.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Glossy Finish

Dirt Repellant

Swirl/Scratch Resistance

Hydrophobic Coating

UV Ray Protection

Long-Lasting Insurance

What Do Ceramic Coatings Entail?

There are many benefits to a ceramic coating, but it’s essentially a glass-like barrier. Here are a few notable mentions. 

  • Can last anywhere from 6 months to 9 years
  • More profound glow than other paint protections
  • Among the highest durability
  • Hydrophobic tendencies, meaning water and dirt will roll right off of the paint
  • Protection from very light marring

For these benefits to render effective, proper preparation, application, and maintenance will be crucial.

What Do Ceramic Coatings Not Accomplish?

Even after you’ve had a ceramic coating applied to your car, you will need to practice proper maintenance to see the best results and longevity. This is not a form of protection that is going to make your car insusceptible to damage from neglect such as improper washing techniques. Here is a short list of what a ceramic coating will NOT do.

  • Render your car’s exterior indestructible 
  • Make washing/detailing maintenance “optional”
  • Fend off rock chips, aggressive marring, or swirls from improper washing techniques

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